Gerry Dotto
Visual Artist
2 Jun 2016 - 2 Jul 2016 Flow of Traffic Theory - a solo exhibition by Gerry Dotto Category: Show/Exhibit Event Website: Venue: Art Gallery of St. Albert, Perron Street, St. Albert, AB, Canada Reception: 2 Jun 2016
Flow of Traffic Theory is a captivating visual survey of Dotto’s driving experiences and encounters on the road. Fluctuating between photography, collaged studies, altered objects and sculptural replicas, these contemporary works depict road-related imagery and entities, such as traffic signals, signs and license plates. While some of the photographic images and objects are composite, many are actual, chance findings seized by the artist, who always carries his camera with him for such boons. Dotto’s works exploit the potential for misinterpretation. The resulting visual and contextual interplay in such scenarios fascinates the artist. Subjects are portrayed in obscured or altered states, relaying a manipulated, often amusing meaning that plays on both the linguistic and visual elements in each composition. Gerry Dotto is a conceptual artist with a clear mission and vision. His images are both audacious and refreshingly humorous. With obsessive rigor, he examines banal yet vital phenomena. Flow of Traffic Theory’s cryptic portrayals urge us to ponder our innumerate daily contact and interaction with public forms of graphic communication. - See more at: