Gerry Dotto
Visual Artist

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Amazing Gerry! Just working a weekend shift here and the thought occurred to me as I was thinking of all you awesome folks out there in SP, hey, I bet I can see some of Gerry's amazing art online. I was right.
Dan Malo - 17 Feb 2019
Not since the New Testament have I seen documents and works of such weight. Gerry Dotto remains a man, a myth, a mix-media messiah. Women bare their breasts to him, men wish they were him, and old people can't remember who he is, but they have a vague recollection that he is someone they should rightfully name grandchildren after. Buy his books, buy his paintings, bathe in his glow. You'll be a better person because of it.
Keith Barbutza - 15 Jul 2014
Hey Gerry! What an amazing imagination you have! I really enjoyed seeing your work.
Wendy Luedtke - 22 Jan 2012
Congratulations on such a beautiful web site I knew you always had it in you. Long time since we have seen each other - perhaps we can make it happen before I fall off my perch. Pat McNish
Patricia McNish - 18 Jan 2012
Fantastic Gerry! I thought of you and did a search... found this wonderful website. Long time since we worked together at ACCESS.
Barbara Coonfer - 26 Oct 2011
Congratulations on your gift of creativity! Looking forward to seeing your visual arts in the next forty years!
Olive & Rod Argue - 5 Oct 2011
Nice height...I mean nice site! (now you've got me doing it!)
Susan Box - 18 Sep 2011
Very nice site Gerry, I knew it was only a matter of time before you a site together for your work. Regards...Ken
Ken Stafford - 9 Feb 2011
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